On a beautiful piece of land looking south towards Maine’s beautiful midcoast,?Artisan Builders?built a beautiful new home for our clients. The passive solar house features a timber framed structure with double stud wall construction that minimizes the energy demands of the home. The house also features an in-floor radiant distribution system that is interconnected with?a solar combisystem?that uses solar with auxiliary propane to provide heating for the radiant slab and domestic hot water.

As a couple moving towards retirement, our clients sought to make their energy costs more predictable and to minimize their dependency on fossil fuels. Their solution? Install an off-grid solar electric system with battery storage.

Designing an off-grid system requires significant attention to detail. The inverter is sized based upon the maximum load in the house, which requires a strong understanding of the appliances that will be used. The battery bank is sized based on the amount of time the owners are willing to go without sun or without running a generator. As a result, off-grid design requires careful consideration of the owners’ consumption patterns.

After several meetings to discuss appliance selection, preferred level of comfort, and the clients’ long-term goals, we designed a system that will provide roughly 60-72 hours of autonomy in the depth of winter without needing to run a generator. A ground-mounted frame with high clearance that allows snow to be removed easily contributes to the owners’ autonomy.

For more information on the solar combisystem for this home, click?here.

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