Tucked in between I-295 and US-1 in Topsham is a unique housing?community that includes a nature preserve, golf course, restaurant, fitness facilities, and several other amenities. Situated on 635 acres,?Highland Green?attracts residents who value the outdoors.

Many of the residents of Highland Green have opted to further complement this environmental ethic by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on their home. We recently installed a 4.2 kilowatt grid-tied PV system comprised of fifteen (15) REC Twin Peak 280W modules for owners of one of Highland Green’s custom homes.

Like most systems installed in Central Maine Power’s service territory, the owner’s original meter was replaced with two meters. The meter on the left measures the amount of electricity delivered to the home by CMP. The meter on the right is an export meter that measures the amount of electricity that the owner exports to CMP. At the end of each month, CMP takes readings from the meters and resolves the bill. If more electricity is exported to the grid than is consumed during the month, the owner receives a credit for the excess electricity generated and is billed the minimum monthly charge ($12.88 at the time of the installation). If the customer consumes more electricity from the grid than is exported, they are billed for the balance.

REC Twin Peak 280 solar modules
SnapNRack mounting hardware
SolarEdge string inverter with DC optimizers

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