After seeing a tracker located in Parkman that was installed by Insource Renewables in 2014, a family contacted us to explore a similar installation at their home in Dexter. Due to their high electricity demands, the clients sought to maximize the output they could achieve from twenty-four (24) standard sized modules. As a result, we connected them with LG Solar’s NeON series modules.

As can be seen in the photo to the left, the LG modules utilize twelve busbars to reduce the resistance for the electrons. By creating shorter, parallel paths for the electrons to travel, the LG modules are able to increase their output versus standard modules that might only use five busbars.

Due to some of the logistical challenges of getting the data from the inverter at the pole to the home’s wireless network, a SolarEdge Zigbee card and receiver were installed. This device wirelessly transmits the data from the inverter to allow remote monitoring of the system.

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