In many applications, we utilize solar photovoltaics (PV) to offset the electrical demands of mini-split heat pumps. While we offer the high quality installation of these units, we also are happy to assist owners who have installed heat pumps with other contracting firms.

For this project in Sidney, there were several unique approaches that we took to meet our client’s project goals. The slope of the upper roof of the barn was not long enough to accommodate three rows of standard-sized 60-cell modules. To maximize the system output in the most cost effective manner, we utilized larger format 72-cell modules. This allowed us to increase the system size without the price premium for the highest efficiency 60-cell modules.

Another consideration for this project was the presence of a standby generator. Integrating a solar PV system with a standby generator requires that we are able to shutdown the inverter when the grid goes down. This avoids having the solar inverter and?the generator isolated from the grid during an outage, which affects the proper operation of each system.

In this case, we utilized a contactor to interrupt the power between the inverter and the grid. One side of the contactor is powered by grid voltage. When the grid goes down, the circuit between the inverter and the electrical service is interrupted. When grid power returns, the solar inverter returns to normal operation.

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