We were first contacted by the client regarding the installation of a small solar photovoltaic (PV) system that would track the sun. The owner had previously installed a wind turbine on the site and wanted to utilize solar in a manner he had seen in other small projects. After discussions about the types of trackers available and the opportunity to use excess electricity generated at the house site in Mariaville at other accounts he owns in Emera Maine’s service territory, the owner opted to install an AllSun Series 24 tracker.

Manufactured in Vermont, the AllEarth Renewables AllSun Series 24 tracker is designed to follow the sun’s trajectory across the sky year-round. The system uses global positioning coordinates to determine the position of the sun in the sky. This device allows for greater harvest of the sun’s energy than a fixed-mount system by assuring the solar modules are perpendicular to the sun’s radiation at all times. The unit has additional functionality that will reduce snow accumulation on the array in the winter and protect the system from high wind speeds.

This installation never required access to the house. Due to the presence of a standby generator, our point of interconnection needed to take place between the generator transfer switch and the meter. As a result we interconnected at the meter, which was mounted roughly 50 feet from the location of the tracker.

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