In an effort to move their operations toward net zero, the owners of?Black Locust Farm?installed eighty (80) American-made SolarWorld Sunmodules and installed two ducted heat pumps. Black Locust Farm is home to cashmere goats and serves as a bed and breakfast.

Due to the scale of the project, the owners opted for a ground-mounted system. The site is?uneven and has shallow ledge, which somewhat limited our options for installation a foundation for the array. We utilized a Schletter PV Max ballasted ground frame to alleviate these challenges. The system utilizes poured-in-place concrete grade beams which sit upon crushed stone to provide drainage and minimize the effects of frost.

This project includes four (4) SMA Sunnyboy transformerless inverters, each connected to the internet to allow for remote monitoring of system performance and functionality. The inverters are capable of exporting a total of 24,000 watts of power to the grid. In order to integrate this system into the existing electrical system, we were required to install a line side interconnection between CMP’s meter and the main service panel. We also needed to coordinate the replacement of the transformer at the site to accommodate the magnitude?of electricity that could be delivered to the grid.

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