Insource was initially contacted by a family in Freeport to explore options for installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system as part of?Solarize Freeport. During our site visit, we explored a number of options for reducing the clients’ energy use. The initial options included a PV system and a mini-split heat pump.

Once we learned that their pool was heated, we proposed the installation of a solar pool heating system to significantly reduce or eliminate the propane demand for maintaining pool comfort.

Without a nearby roof to mount the collectors, we built a ground frame to support the collectors through the winter, when snow loads provide the most critical design load. This approach will provide a 20-year service life for the system. Due to the fast payback of solar pool heating, this will result in roughly 17 years of free fuel.

  • Solar Industries pool collector
  • Pentair differential controller
  • Hayward motorized valve

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