Insource Renewables collaborated with Assured Solar Energy of North Yarmouth to deliver Solarize Freeport, Maine’s first municipally-led Solarize project in 2015. The Solarize program allowed local homeowners and businesses to take advantage of a bulk discount on the purchase of solar electric systems. The initial program resulted in the installation of over 40 solar energy systems in Freeport.

The Town of Freeport was recognized as a?Community Climate Champion?by the Maine Conservation Alliance as a result of its Solarize Freeport effort. The success of Freeport’s project also inspired other Solarize projects across the state, including?Solarize Mid Maine?and Greater Bangor Solarize.

The Solarize model used in Freeport built on the earlier efforts of communities across the United States to increase the amount of solar energy installed in their towns or cities. Solarize efforts have been implemented in various states across the country including Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

For more information on the program, we encourage you to contact us or check out the following program resources:

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