In early 2016, the?Sustain Mid Maine Coalition?selected Insource Renewables to launch Solarize Mid Maine, an effort to reduce the cost of solar equipment and installation for homeowners and businesses in the region.

Solarize Mid Maine?encouraged local property owners to install a solar energy system during 2016. Those who signed a contract prior to mid-July qualified for bulk pricing – the driving force behind lowering the cost of solar energy systems. The greater the number of participants in the program, the lower the pricing on equipment and installation. The program reached its lowest pricing tier.

Solarize Mid Maine served the communities of the greater Waterville area, as well as the greater Unity and Skowhegan regions. Insource Renewables collaborated with?Unity Barn Raisers?and?Main Street Skowhegan?to serve these communities.

As part of the program, all interested residents and business received a free solar estimate. In addition, Insource Renewables provided individual consulting on other energy options and led community education sessions related to solar, mini-split heat pumps, and other effective energy measures.

For more information on the program, we encourage you to contact us or check out the following program resources:

Schedule a Free Solar or Heat Pump Consultation

(207) 659-1054

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