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Maine's Only Accredited Solar PV Installation Company

Insource Renewables is committed to quality, setting a strong example of solar craftsmanship, and providing industry leadership in a solar trade that is growing faster than nearly every industry in the United States. To achieve this aim, we are heavily involved in regulatory deliberations in Augusta and Hallowell, Maine and have been heavily involved with national solar organizations on the development of standards and best practices in the United States.

In 2018, one of those organizations - the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners?(NABCEP) - recognized Insource Renewables for its commitment to quality in solar workmanship, safety, and worker training and awarded us NABCEP PV Installation Company Accreditation. We were the first solar company in Maine, and only the tenth in North America, to earn this distinction.

What is NABCEP Accreditation?

NABCEP Accreditation is the gold standard for solar companies. To earn this recognition, Insource Renewables went through a thorough and rigorous application process that included a detailed review of our company policies and independent, third-party inspections of our solar installations. Our employment of NABCEP-certified professionals and our commitment to professional development and safety were key considerations in the process, as well.

Through a thorough inspection process of our solar energy?system installations, Insource Renewables’ commitment to quality was recognized with perfect scores from NABCEP on the three randomly selected systems that were inspected.

Our Commitment to NABCEP Standards for Solar Installations in Maine

We are proud of our NABCEP Accreditation but also recognize that our commitment to quality is an ongoing process. To promote our continued success, we work to deliberately scale our operations in a manner that promotes continued excellence. Insource Renewables’ approach to growth is focused on maintaining high standards for solar PV installation, sales, and customer support while maintaining a supportive work environment that is worker-centered and attracts high-quality professionals.

And like good Mainers, we don’t just talk about it. We provide a detailed quality assurance inspection on each of our installations to assure that we are consistently meeting our company standards, and we are committed to consumer education to make sure that our clients are well-versed on all aspects on their project.

Why Choose a NABCEP Accredited Solar Company?

Selecting a NABCEP Accredited Solar PV Installation Company doesn’t guarantee that a solar installation will be flawless, but it does provide consumers with assurance that the company installing that solar PV system has met a rigorous set of standards that promote quality. It’s always worth doing your homework, and hearing from neighbors who have had positive experiences with a solar contractor.

Ultimately, we trust that our pursuit of quality will provide an enjoyable experience for our clientele and will set a strong example of solar industry best practices here in Maine and for other similarly-minded solar companies across the country. Solar energy has a lot of potential for the people of Maine, and its future success will be driven by how well our industry performs.

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"Earning the NABCEP Company Accreditation is a major accomplishment. To achieve this accreditation, Insource Renewables had to demonstrate a company-wide commitment to quality assurance throughout the sales, installation, and after-sale process," said Shawn O'Brien, Executive Director of NABCEP. "The staff at Insource Renewables were a pleasure to work with, and we were particularly impressed with their deep commitment to staff training and development."

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