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Our Work is Pearl Certified!

Since 2009, homeowners in communities across Maine have depended on Insource Renewables to deliver highly trained professionals, outstanding customer service, and quality solar energy systems tailored to fit their home’s needs. Programs such as Solarize Freeport, Solarize Mid Maine, and Greater Bangor Solarize have utilized our expertise and commitment to quality to support homeowners in central and midcoast Maine and the greater Portland area who are seeking a reliable and cost effective solar investment.

Thanks to our partnership with Pearl Certification, we’re able to add even more value to your solar investment by certifying our work and substantiating the value of the installation to your home. Choosing to install a high-performing solar PV system can provide you significant value, and now Insource Renewables has the ability to help you quantify that value to buyers and lenders should you choose to sell or refinance your home.

Pearl Certification: Enhance Home Efficiency & Comfort

Many homeowners and buyers are looking beyond aesthetics to prioritize home features that make the home comfortable and healthy and save on utility bills. According to Zillow, nearly half of homebuyers now seek energy-efficient features when they’re shopping for homes.

One of the challenges that occurs in Maine is quantifying the value of these energy efficiency features. As real estate agents, appraisers, and lenders are beginning to see solar and heat pump systems incorporated into Maine homes, the real estate industry is learning how to assess the value of these features.

Pearl Certification helps bridge that knowledge gap and document the value of solar and heat pump systems.

When Insource Renewables installs a high-quality improvement to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, including solar panel installation and heat pump installation, we ensure that the upgrades you make to your home are documented and certified by an independent third party.

Pearl’s certification system shows you how your home performs and the steps you can take to enhance that performance. Each improvement we make to your home earns a Pearl Certification.

Increase Your Home’s Market Resale Value

Only the network of elite, highly-qualified contractors can offer Pearl Certification. Insource Renewables is one of the first contractors north of Portland, ME to be selected as a Pearl Advantage Contractor. Insource Renewables was identified by Pearl due to its commitment to quality. Insource Renewables is a NABCEP Accredited PV Installation Company - one of only ten solar businesses in North America to earn this honor, and the only solar company in Maine to do so.

In other words, you can have peace of mind that Insource Renewables is the right choice.

Pearl Certification tells future home buyers that your home is different from the rest. In fact, a recent study found that Pearl-certified homes command a 5% sales price premium.

Look to Insource Renewables, your local Pearl Advantage contractor, to help you create a healthier, more energy efficient living space. Contact us?or call us at (207) 659-1054 to see how you can tap the power of Pearl.

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Increase the value of your home with Insource Renewables and Pearl.

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(207) 659-1054

Vaughan has professionally bridged the gap between being a contractor and being an advocate for Maine homeowners in their mission to save energy. He is not a ‘one size fits all’ in terms of efficiency and many times he has recommended our services over?his own when looking at the types of challenges homeowners face when decreasing their carbon footprint.

Bo Jespersen
Owner / The Breathable Home

Working with the Insource Renewables team was for me not only a satisfying experience but also encouraging about the renewable energy industry itself. These people were well-informed and articulate in their advice and planning on my project.

They brought the fruits of both long experience with solar design and deep conviction about the importance of renewable energy in today’s world. In follow-up, they have been generous and good-natured in answering questions.

Phoebe Phelps
Orland, Maine

We contracted Insource Renewables to install a solar heater for our swimming pool and a cluster of home energy improvements. We were very pleased with the expertise, integrity, and work ethic of Vaughan Woodruff and his fine team.

We were consistently informed of and/or consulted on scheduled activities and events throughout. At every juncture, Vaughan and his team were obviously guided by the principle of doing what is right for the customer.

We have recommended to our friends and continue to unreservedly recommend Insource Renewables for any energy-related projects.

Michael Leblanc & Rosalie Williams
Pittsfield, Maine

We are very happy with our new solar panels from Insource Renewables. It’s great that, now, our house is a power generation factory! Vaughan and the rest of the team are excellent, knowledgeable, friendly, proactive. Within 2 days of the start of the project, our meter was running backwards! It’s satisfying to make a small but real change in the severe climate issues that our planet is facing. I’m also really thankful that Vaughan connected us with the Greater Bangor Solarize program, which saved us over $2,000 on our installation! Vaughan provided us with many different options and answered so many questions that we had, until we found the solar project that was right for our family.

Julie Gosse
Orono, Maine

We discovered Insource Renewables (and Backyard Buildings in Unity) this Spring and were immediately taken with the concept of the “solar shed.” We knew we needed to build or buy a shed for some extra outdoor storage, and I’d always wanted to go solar at our house, so this made perfect sense!

Matt, Vaughan, and the whole team at Insource were excellent to work with, answered all our questions, and made sure everything came together on this project. We are excited to be building out the inside of our shed while knowing we are making power every day just by having this system in our back yard.

Great job all!

Bruce Fitzgerald
South China, Maine
When our heat pump had electrical issues, there are a couple of ways that this event could have gone. Insource?could have blamed the manufacturer, basically come back and continued to tweak the unit, or – worse yet – not been terribly responsive overall. I can’t tell you how good and stress free it has felt to know that you guys have put the customer first and have done your absolute best in the matter.
We are very grateful.
Steve Podgajny
Brunswick, Maine
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